Plastic Bags

When it comes to bulk resealable plastic bags for packaging, shipping, and retail shop use, BetterPak is your go-to supplier. We have been servicing New York City’s garment industry for years and our hassle-free reliability, speed, and service are second to none.

While you’re here, did you know that we also offer a complete selection of bag sealing tape, e-commerce supplies and retail store supplies? If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Just ask! Our knowledgeable customer service staff is on call to provide additional types and sizes of plastic bags as well as harder-to-find variants in any of our other product lines.

Of course, we offer same day and next day service to our NY/NJ delivery area for everything we carry.

Self Seal Flat Pak Bags

Item # Description Qty Per Box
46SS 4X6 6000
57SS 5X7 6000
66SS 6X6 6000
69SS 6X9 6000
711S 7X11 3000
912SS 9X12 2000
1015SS 10X15 2000
1215SS 12X15 2000
1217SS 12X17 2000
1419SS 14X19 1000
1522SS 15X22 1000
1824SS 18X24 1000
2030SS 20x30 500

Resealable Bags

Item # Description Qty Per Box
23ZIP 2X3 1000
33ZIP 3X3 1000
34ZIP 3X4 1000
35ZIP 3X5 1000
44ZIP 4X4 1000
46ZIP 4X6 1000
58ZIP 5X8 1000
66ZIP 6X6 1000
68ZIP 6X8 1000
69ZIP 6X9 1000
88ZIP 8X8 1000
810ZIP 8X10 1000
912ZIP 9X12 1000
1012ZIP 10X12 1000
1215ZIP 12X15 1000

Non-Self Seal Flat Pak Bags

Item # Description Qty Per Box
811W 8x11x1 2500
912W 9x12x1 2500
1015W 10x15x1 2000
1115W 11x15x1 2500
1318W 13x18x1 2000
1520W 15x20 2500
1824W 18x24 1000
2024W 20x24 1000
2424W 24x24 1000
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