E-Commerce Supplies

If you’re anything like us, you’ve watched as your ecommerce transactions have shot through the roof. Just like all of the business you do, E-commerce calls for a personal touch when it comes to packaging and mailing supplies, and BetterPak has you covered. We are here to support your business with a wide selection of mailers, flat pak bags and more. We stock a massive variety of sizes and options, including Kraft and Poly bubble mailers. As always, if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for in our catalog, just reach out and we will work with you to make sure your ecommerce packaging gets the job done.

Search our catalog below for the ecommerce packaging you need and don’t forget, BetterPak has built a reputation on providing packaging solutions for New York City and beyond with corrugated boxes, pallet protection and a variety of packaging paper and void fill solutions. We offer same day and next day service in our NY/NJ delivery area for everything we carry.

Coex-Poly Mailers

Item # Description Qty Per Box
69COEX 6x9 1000
710COEX 7x10 1000
912COEX 9x12 1000
1013COEX 10x13 1000
1215COEX 12x15 500
1419COEX 14x19 500
1924COEX 19x24 200
2424COEX 24x24 200
2632COEX 26x32 100

Packing Slip and Invoice Enclosed Envelopes

Item # Description Qty Per Box
ADM51 4.5x5.5 1/4 Panel 1000
ADM52 4.5x5.5 Full Face 1000
C16 6x10 1/4 Panel 1000
ADM51IE 4.5x5.5 1/4 Panel 1000
ADM52IE 4.5x5.5 Full Face 1000
C16IE 6x10 1/4 Panel 1000

Poly Mailers Lined W/Bubble

Item # Description Qty Per Box
000POLY 4.25x7.25 500
00POLY 5x10 250
0POLY 6x10 250
1POLY 7.25x12 100
2POLY 8.5x12 100
3POLY 8.5x14.5 100
4POLY 9.5x14.5 100
5POLY 10.5x16 100
6POLY 12.5x19 50
7POLY 14.25x 50

Kraft Bubble Mailers

Item # Description Qty Per Box
2030W 20X30X1 1000
000BUBBLE 4.25X7.25 500
00BUBBLE 5X10 250
0BUBBLE 6X10 250
1BUBBLE 7.25X12 100
2BUBBLE 8.5X12 100
3BUBBLE 8.5X14.5 100
4BUBBLE 9.5X14.5 100
5BUBBLE 10.5X16 100
6BUBBLE 12.5X18.25 50
7BUBBLE 14.25x19.25 50


Please call Better Pak for pricing on the style hangers you need.

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