Breakroom Supplies

To make your purchasing process easier, we also provide breakroom supplies, including disposable plates and bowls, plastic utensils, drinking cups, facial tissue and napkins. We have both foam and plastic plates in stock and ready to ship, as well as a variety of sizes of foam, paper and plastic cups.

Search our catalog offering for all of your breakroom supplies, and don’t forget, BetterPak also stocks cleaning supplies PPE supplies and a variety of kitchen and bathroom paper products. We offer same day and next day service in our NY/NJ delivery area for everything we carry.


Item # Description
NAPKINS-D Dinner Napkins
NAPKINS-L Lunch Napkins

Plates & Bowls

Item # Description
9P 9" Plastic Plates
9FOAM 9" Foam Plates
BOWLS 10-12oz Plastic Bowls

Plastic Cutlery

Item # Description
HVYSPOON Heavy Weight Spoons
HVYFORK Heavy Weight Forks
HVYKNIFE Heavy Weight Knives

Styro Foam, Plastic and Paper Cups

Item # Description
8STYRO 8 oz. Foam Cups
10STYRO 10 oz. Foam Cups
12STYRO 12 oz. Foam Cups
P508 8 oz. Paper Cups
P510 10 oz. Paper Cups
P512 12 oz. Paper Cups
5PLASTIC 5 oz. Plastic Cups
7PLASTIC 7 oz. Plastic Cups
9PLASTIC 9 oz. Plastic Cups
CONE 4 oz. Cone Cups
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